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Nursing Process Theory Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nursing Process Theory - Case Study Example Hampe (1975) utilized her hypothesis to discuss lamenting families in a medical clinic setting. This paper will break down the hypothesis and attempt to comprehend what it implies with regards to network wellbeing nursing. Orlando built up her hypothesis in the 1950's. It was distributed the first run through in her book, The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship. Her hypothesis was one of the first really distributed on nursing process. She later proceeded with her ideas in her subsequent book, The Discipline and Teaching of the Nursing Process. Her unique inspiration for the work was to find what the motivation behind nursing was. To achieve that she took a gander at nurture quiet cooperations both in the outline and during genuine consideration scenes to figure out what the results of those activities were (Faust, 2002). These perceptions helped her define the fundamental considerations behind her hypothesis which are that the medical attendant has the job to find and meet the patient's prompt needs. The most essential idea is the nursing procedure portrays the medical caretaker's responses to patient's conduct as creating a recognition, thought and feeling in the attendant and afterward activity by th e medical attendant (Sheldon and Ellington, 2008, pg1). This hypothesis appears to be so very much intended for nursing. It was the point at which it was composed and it appears it would be currently. Numerous specialists as we have noted, have contemplated it and utilized it to construct their own hypothesis. In any case, there is nothing in the writing that demonstrates that the hypothesis has ever been changed into a genuine nursing process. In 1961 Orlando stated, the reason for nursing is to flexibly the assistance a patient requires all together for his should be met(Orlando, 1961, pg 8). At the point when you separate it as a nursing procedure, it becomes conduct of the patient, response of the attendant, and nursing activity used to profit the need of the patient. This author accepts that she is still right, that is the thing that nursing is. Simultaneously, we should understand that Ida Jean Orlando originated from a period wherein instruction was uniquely for the individuals who had cash and that included nursing training. This made their ideal models address the issues of training more than the requirements of the bedside nurture. She additionally utilized retroductive thinking since she applied what she saw to what she previously suspected (McEwen and Wills, 2007). Today it is as yet obvious here and there as we note that her hypotheses are utilized more regularly by instruction than nursing itself. Her hypothesis is noted among the Grand Theories thinking of her as foundation and training just as the time in which she worked. It additionally doesn't appear to meet the entirety of the four nursing standards (Chinn and Kramer, 2008). She was very unequivocal about people and nursing however she quickly referenced wellbeing as a condition of prosperity and considered the earth just in the feeling of now. Prior it was noticed that many nursing specialists of today study Orlando's nursing hypothesis and it's pertinence to explicit kinds of nursing. The patient in the network might be in extraordinary pain and it may not be seen by anybody however the network wellbeing medical caretaker. Orlando says that pain originates from neglected requirements. Quiet conduct should be surveyed when it happens. Any conduct may mean a supplication for help. The alleviation of this pressure relies upon the mindful medical attendant who is eager to take part in the arrangement of the need. The Community Health Nurse is gone up against with this every day and reacts

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Mamie Clark free essay sample

Because of her dad having a training around the family had accomplished working class status and was permitted into numerous foundations that were ordinarily whites just, which during that time in Arkansas was infrequently known about. Despite the fact that couple of higher instructive open doors were available to dark understudies, in the wake of moving on from Langston High School in 1934, Mamie was offered a few grants and decided to acknowledge one from Howard University. (Cherry,2013) Mamie decided to learn at Howard University since it was situated in the countries capital and on account of the many achieved dark individuals from its staff whom she saw as good examples. She started her investigations at Howard as a math major, minoring in material science. There she met her future spouse, Kenneth B. Clark, who was reading for his master’s in brain science. After not getting a lot of support from her professor’s in arithmetic, Kenneth urged Mamie to change her major to brain research for work prospects and the opportunity to investigate her enthusiasm for kids. We will compose a custom article test on Mamie Clark or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page (Cherry, 2013) When finishing her master’s certificate in 1939, she worked and considered youngsters in an all-dark preschool. During that time she met with pyschologists, Ruth and Gene Harley who were contemplating self-recognizable proof in little youngsters and urged Mamie to do likewise with the kids in the preschool. This brought about her finished proposal The Development of Consciousness of Self in Negro Pre-School Children. (Cherry,2013) MAMIE CLARK 3 Mamie moved to Columbia University to complete her doctorate certificate, where she graduated in 1943 as the second African American to procure a degree (first eing her significant other, Kenneth Clark). At that point Drs. Mamie and Kenneth Clark utilized their exploration with kids to show that dark kids got mindful of their racial character by the age of 3 and by isolating them from white youngsters the kids considered their to be as negative. This drove the Clark’s to introduce their discoveries during integration preliminaries for the NAACPs case in Brown v. Leading group of Education, which upset racial isolation in government funded schools in 1954. (Mamie Clark, 2013) Following quite a while working in broad daylight and private social administrations being unsatisfied with what she saw, Mamie established the Northside Center for Child Development, the principal community to give treatment to youngsters in Harlem. When government funded schools were illicitly enlisting many dark kids into programs for the intellectually debilitated, the inside directed its own knowledge tests, battled the schools, and engaged the nearby populace. Understanding that treatment alone couldn't address the effects of bigotry on the network, Northside additionally helped families with their lodging and monetary challenges. Mamie Clark worked for Northside until retirement in 1980 and kicked the bucket three years after the fact of malignant growth. (Mamie Clark, 2013) Using the Sociocultural part of brain science, it is handily observed that Mamie Clark was affected by social and social she encountered in her life. Experiencing childhood in Arkansas during the occasions where bigotry were extremely evident and isolation was predominant, she was blessed enough to have been naturally introduced to a white collar class family. Mamie had the option to see the two sides of the isolation by being permitted into white foundations. This significantly affected her perspective, she needed to the two races to be seen similarly and this in the end prompted her inclusion in the integration of state funded schools. MAMIE CLARK 4 References Mamie Clark, a Supporter of the Black Child. (2013). Recovered on January 18, 2013 from http://www. aaregistry. organization/historic_events/see/mamie-clark-supporter-dark kid Cherry, Kendra. Mamie Phipps Clark Biography. (2013). Recovered on January 18, 2013 from

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China Currency Exchange Rate Essay Example for Free

China Currency Exchange Rate Essay The money system received by China is neither fixed nor adaptable swapping scale framework. China has declared in 2005 the â€Å"end of its firm peg against the dollar, rather permitting it to exchange inside a thin band against a bushel of currencies.† China system is overseen coasting framework where the money increments gradually step by step and the China government keep the cash from changing rapidly for the time being. The motivation behind why Chinese government intercede in the money showcase is to bring down swapping scale to build business, keep up a fixed rate to keep up steadiness and improve their present record shortfall. China government deal with its money rate by purchasing outside monetary standards to expand flexibly of China cash, in this way bringing down its money esteem. They additionally bring down the estimation of its money by bringing down their loan fees. On account of China, it is extremely troublesome and trying for them to receive the fixed swapping scale framework because of their burdens. Right off the bat, China government should consistently modify its financing cost so keep up the conversion standard. Changing the loan fee much of the time will cause vacillations in ventures and development and furthermore stable business. There is additionally a likelihood that the fare rate might be set at an inappropriate level. For instance, on the off chance that it was set at a more significant level, this could influence China trade intensity and their household market will endure. Question 4b Despite the fact that China has been vigorously censured by some outside nations like USA for their training, there are a few favorable circumstances to oversaw stream framework. Right off the bat, the oversaw stream framework will guarantee strength in China contrasted with coasting. This is in such a case that China out of nowhere value their money, their fares creation will endure and there will be bunches of joblessness therefore. Anyway there are burdens to oversaw skimming framework too. Individuals will attempt to challenge the win assets from the money as this framework is extremely inclined to theoretical assault. Encounters have indicated that theoretical assaults could diminish the development of a country’s GDP by 6 percent or more.

God Essays - Philosophical Movements, Philosophy Of Religion, God

God Essays - Philosophical Movements, Philosophy Of Religion, God God Since the hour of Epicurus to the present, numerous individuals have had certain convictions in fantasies and in the Gods. Epicurus presents his way of thinking relating to these feelings. In his thinking, he determines a meaning of folklore and of the Gods negating to quite a bit of famous idea. Numerous individuals rely upon folklore when they need a clarification for a marvel. Epicurus justifies that folklore is unchangeable and obstinate, for ?at the point when one acknowledges one hypothesis and rejects another which is similarly steady with the wonder being referred to, unmistakably one has in this way bumbled out of any kind of legitimate material science and falled into folklore? (3.87; pg. 20). Epicurus accepts that the patterned times of the sublime bodies cause a great part of the unexplained meteorological marvels. By and by, further information on a characteristic wonder won't modify the psyches of the individuals who have confidence in folklore since they as of now have a response to their interest. They base their convictions on speculations which have no evident or legitimate realities. These individuals are the individuals who have an ?improper and neurotic conduct? (3.113; pg. 27). Folklore prompts a need for Gods. Individuals look to the Gods as a defense for a marvel. For instance, if we somehow happened to be confounded by what thunder is and what realizes thunder, we would imagine a God to clarify the appearance of thunder. With the rising measure of such a large number of unexplainable events, individuals expected to infer more than one God to grow the duties among every God. Epicurus doesn't differ with the idea of a God; he reasons that they exist. His compliance lies in what he calls a prolepsis, which is the essential handle of a idea of the Gods. This essential information isn't one which is educated, however is somewhat an inborn sense in the brains surprisingly. Each race and culture has a God and this God was shaped with no shows, correspondences or laws. Epicurus? rationale is that ?what all men concur about must essentially be valid? (16.44; pg. 51). Since the simultaneousness of all men have confidence in Gods, there must truly be a God. Epicurus? method of reasoning gives God the type of a person. A similar prolepsis that represents the event of Gods additionally legitimizes that Gods are honored and indestructible. God is to have the type of one which is honored and unceasing thus it ought to have the most honorable or lovely type of presence. All through all of creation, people have the best limits, course of action of highlights, shape and by and large appearance. The ?human shape is better than the type of every living thing, also, a divine being is a living thing, at that point positively he has the shape which is generally lovely of all? (16.48; pg. 52); this shape being the state of mankind. In this manner, God ought to assume the presence of a person. The prevalent view in Gods are ?that they have wishes and embrace activities and apply causality in a way conflicting with those traits? (2.80; pg. 18). We have a dread of the Gods since they can influence how we live, how beyond words what occurs after we pass on. This dread is simultaneous with our conviction of destiny, or heimarmene, and ?that whatever happens has spilled out of an interminable arrangement of facts and a ceaseless chain of causes.? (16.55; pg. 54) The Gods know about everything that we do thus we should fear them in dread of the outcomes that may happen. A God turns into an ?unceasing expert whom we are to fear by day and around evening time; for who might not dread a curious and occupied god who anticipates everything, and assumes that everything is his own business (16.54; pg. 54) The thoughts and intelligent thinking of Epicurus repudiates these convictions. Epicurus accepts that the Gods are not worried about human issues; ?for if a favored and indestructible creature, flooding with beneficial things and liberated from any offer of what is terrible, is totally engrossed with the duration of his own joy what's more, indestructibility as isn't worried about human undertakings.? (108; pg. 97) The Divine beings have no obligations concerning individuals or any meteorological marvels for they would cause ?inconveniences

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International Trade Policy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Universal Trade Policy - Case Study Example Advancement of exchange and trade is basically connected to the endurance, development, and progress of a country, especially by brief methods for imports and fares. The strategies or guidelines that basically administer and manage characterizing the global exchange between nations are known as the Foreign Trade Policy or International Trade Policy. These approaches incorporate, however are not limited to, the assessment sections, import obligations on different bits of gear (products and ventures), things for exchanging, non-suitable things, quantities and taxes, etc. Comprehensive of this information, there are additionally the impetuses for outside speculation that urges remote speculators to put resources into the nation alongside motivating forces for neighborhood makers to send out, etc [2]. Along these lines, the arrangement characterizes the terms and guidelines for exchanging for example imports and fares. The Asian district has been flourishing recently with great speed, and among the numerous countries, Pakistan has been one of the prime instances of succeeding countries especially under the present military system. The name of this country has been in the features since some time now, in this manner, it would be enlightening to break down their exchange arrangement structure. Especially considering the way that the outside direct speculation has been developing in the area generally, it would be extremely fascinating to see the structure that is improving this figure in late times[3]. Since October 1999 to date, Pakistan has moved towards being a considerably more settled country than it has ever been since its reality in 1947. Under the military system of General Pervaiz Musharraf, the country has moved towards monetary soundness and development to the present day, with financial improvement thriving specifically. This soundness in the financial and world of politics has prompted colossal development in the net exchange figure, welcoming outside speculators and exchanges to contribute and connect with the nearby ones and have a decent outline for the future outlook[5]. This report features the exchange arrangement for the year 2006-07 with the goal that decisions can be made on carnival that whether this strategy has been a triumph or something else. The accompanying sections feature the principle points and destinations of the universal exchange approach identifying with the fare of products and enterprises [7, 9].

Soccer injres Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Soccer injres - Essay Example Europe didn't stress on building foundations that would represent a solitary political substance, for example, an economy, administration, the legal executive, and so on. The War of 1918 is viewed as a pointless fight in light of the fact that the contest that intended to trigger the contention was viewed as restricted yet at the same time it prevailing with regards to setting off a huge worldwide war. Anyway the contention rose from the difference between Austria-Hungary and Serbia over how the death of Franz Ferdinand ought to be dealt with. The Austro-Hungarians anyway accepted that there was a connection of the Serbian government with the death and that was the explanation that Austria-Hungary requested an examination just as a legal procedure inside Serbia. No other nation brought direct enthusiasm into this issue. Anyway Germany and Russia engaged for the situation for ensuring Austria-Hungary and Serbia, separately (War Graves for WW1 Dead on The Western Front,

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Police Brutality Against African Americans - Free Essay Example

Many African Americans become victims of police brutality due to the systemic racism and criminalization of people of color. African Americans are unfairly targeted by law enforcement and not afforded the same rights and privileges as other races in America. There have been many historic events in our current society surrounding police brutality such as the incidents surrounding Rodney King, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner. After constantly hearing in the news about unarmed African Americans becoming victims to the police, it is clear that African Americans are directly targeted by the police, more specifically black men. According to U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) statistics from 2014, for all age groups, black male individuals are arrested and have the highest rate of imprisonment in state and federal facilities which rate is 3.8 to 10.5 times more than the rate for white men and 1.4 to 3.1 times more than the rate for Hispanic men (Carson 23). The primary factor that explains these statistics is the fact that Africans Americans as a race are racially profiled by the police. The frequencies of which African Americans have been murdered by the police are not accidental situations, nor are they reflective of the excuses that have come to be standard police responses to these situations; fear of personal safety. Police brutality and racially profiling is also not just about individual officers, but a culture that allows prejudice and violence against communities of color to go unchecked. With the use of new and updated technology like body cameras, these statistics could be reversed because they woul d show proof that majority of these incidents are not justified and prevent officers from targeting black men. On March 2, 1991, an African American man named Rodney Glen King was watching a basketball game and drinking 40-ounce beers at a friends house in suburban Los Angeles. Upon leaving his friends house, he ran a red light and nearly caused an accident. When four officers arrived on the scene, they ordered him to get out of the car and get on the ground. At first, he did not comply and just smiled at the scenery around him. The officers described him as having bizarre behavior and a spaced-out look, which they used to try to justify their actions. King was able to successfully avoid a swarming maneuver that the officers tried to use still able to rise to his feet despite being hit twice by an electric stun gun. This is when the officers started to strike them with metal batons and kick him repeatedly, even after him repeatedly saying please stop. A year later, on April 29, 1992 four Los Angeles Police Department officers were acquitted on the beating of Rodney King. There was an 81 secon d video of the beating, that showed a group of officers kicking, stomping, and beating on him with metal batons in an intersection in South Los Angeles. Since it was caught on video, it sparked a national debate about police brutality and injustice. Despite the videotape being shown in court, a jury in Simi Valley concluded a year that the evidence was not sufficient to convict the officers (Owens and Browning 153). Within hours of the jurys verdict, Los Angeles erupted in riots. When it was over, fifty-four people had lost their lives, over 7,000 people had been arrested, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property had been destroyed (Deitz 74). Angry crowds gathered in in cities all across the country. When the officer was not indicted in the beating of Rodney King, that represented the usual outcome of cases involving police and unarmed black man. Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was fatally shot by and killed by a police officer in at Cudell park in Cleveland, Ohio on November 22, 2014. There was a call to the police department stating that there was an African American male in a park brandishing a firearm, and the caller made sure to say that the suspected firearm was presumed to be fake. The police dispatcher who took the call failed to notify the officers of these details. Within seconds of arriving on the scene, one of the officers fired two shots into Tamir Rices abdomen. For 4 full minutes after being shot, he was not given any first aid. He was with his 14-year-old sister at the time, who the officers pinned and handcuffed, preventing her from comforting her bleeding brother. The officers claimed that Tamir didnt respond to them shouting and him and was reaching for a gun in his waistband, although he was unarmed. The officer that fired the gun, Timothy Loehmann, was an officer in training at the time at claimed that he had no choice but to shoot and kill the twelve-year-old. In the investigation it was noted that Tamir had a toy gun. Days after his death, a video went viral showing that Tamirs body fell to the ground immediately after the police cruiser arrived on the scene. This video along with multiply witness testimonies contradicts the officers claims that they were shouting at Tamir, since they gave him no time to react to any warnings that may have been given. Activists and community leaders appealed to the courts to have the two officers arrested and indicted on the charges of murder and negligent homicide, with the video evidence providing probable charge. On December 28, 2015 a grand jury in Cuyahoga County of Ohio decided not to indict the two white police officers, Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, in the death of Tamir Rice. On July 14, 2014 a 43-year-old African American man named Eric Garner died after being detained by police officers of the New York Police Department in Staten Island, New York. Initially, he was arrested for selling individual cigarettes on the streets, which is illegal. The entire arrest was captured on video and showed Garner being held in a chokehold for at least 15 seconds and pinned to the ground. While pinned to the ground by an officer named Daniel Pantaleo, he repeatedly lets him know that the choke hold is impairing him by saying I cant breathe. He wasnt provided any medical assistance, nor did the officers let up on their choke hold. The New York City Medical Examiners Office autopsy report concluded that the chokehold was responsible for his death since he suffered from asthma. Garners death was ruled a homicide by compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police (Sparrow 25). The grand jury failed to indict t he police officer who killed Garner, which started many civil protests. Protesters chanted I cant breathe, in support of trying to get justice for his death. These are just a few of the hundreds of incidents that have occurred, and as a response to the highly publicized police killings of unarmed black men, many civil rights movements have risen. One of the most known is Black Lives Matter, a movement and national organization whose mission is to build local power and to intervene when violence was inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes. It was founded in 2013 by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometti, and Patrisse Cullors, therefore it wasnt around during the time of Rodney Kings police encounter and others around that time. Instead of one large organized movement, there were many separate civil rights movements in the 90s. Unlike those previous civil rights movement, Black Lives Matter is decentralized, and encourages leaders from communities all across this country rather than one leader. One of the three founders, Alicia Garza describes this movement as an ideological and political intervention in a world where black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise (Garza). The enragement surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin after he was shot and killed, then put on trial for his own murder, is what led to the Black Lives Matter Movement. The creation of this movement was a response to the anti-black racism that permeates our society, and also unfortunately previous movements. After the death of Trayvon Martin, it became more prevalent to how many African Americans become victims to police brutality, without receiving any justice. Trayvon Martins case differed than most other cases because he was killed by a civilian, not a police officer. After Trayvons death and the verdict of his case was publicized across our country, other cases became widely publicized as well. It ignited an urge in the black community to organize and fight for a change. As more unarmed Black men and women continued to be killed by police officers in cities around the country, the movement utilized social media platforms, primarily Twitter and Facebook, to organize protests in response to police violence against African Americans . By the end of 2015, the ratio was 6:1 of unarmed black men dying as a result of being shot by the police in the United States. Out of the 102 cases that that took place in 2015 that dealt with unarmed African Americans, only ten resulted in police being charged with a crime (Geller et al 2325). The Black Lives Metter movement aims to changes these statistics and unify our society. Groups associated with Black Lives Matter have advocated for a wide variety of policy changes including body cameras, independent special prosecutors, greater transparency in policing (Fasching-Warner and Hartlep 5). This movement has drawn enormous attention from all sides of the political spectrum at the local and national levels. After hearing about the several incidents surrounding police brutality inflicted on African Americans all around our country, there is a clear pattern. After each story breaks out to the public the police release a statement, officers get placed on leave, protests break out, and the case goes to trial with an outcome of no indictment for the police officers. In each of the cases, white police officers were involved and none of them were held accountable for the beatings or deaths, regardless of them being at fault. This is because they are going around killing unarmed African Americans when it is not necessary and claiming it as self-defense. None of these officers are getting indicted on these crimes and it continues to happen, since they know they can get away with it. If these officers truly felt as though their lives were in danger, they could have shot the victims once in the leg to make them unable to get away or even use a taser to make them fall to the ground. The outcome should never be to take a life, unless they propose an actual threat to the officers life. In order to prevent further deaths, the police department should be held accountable. The department has to accept what the officers are doing and hold each officer accountable, as well as be willing to fix the problem. In each case the police officers claimed that they feared for their lives, yet the evidence proved that there was no definitive justification for them to feel threatened. Police officers sign up for a job that ensures the safety of others, so when something goes wrong, they have to be able to admit fault. Law enforcement leaders should promote a vision in which the use of excessive force is the least desirable outcome. To decrease the rates of African Americans being killed, officers should be under audio and video surveillance. They should be required to wear body cameras, in addition to their dashboard cameras, while on duty. This is a way to decrease all forms of police brutality and protect the civilians. In an 18 month study ran in Rialto, California fifty-four officers were randomly assigned to wear a Taser Axon body camera system .The results of the study showed that shifts without cameras experienced twice as many incidents of use of force as shifts with cameras, and the rate of use of force incidents per 1,000 contacts was reduced by 2.5 times overall as compared to the previous twelve-month period (Ready and Young 447) . This proves that body cameras increase transparency and police legitimacy, improve behavior among both police officers and citizens, and reduce police use of force. If more officers wore body cameras, they would be less likely to shoot African Americans as quickly as they do now, thus preventing deaths. Officers are often not held accountable for their misconduct, and the cameras would provide accountability for both the officers and the civilians. They would be held accountable for their actions because there would be clear proof of what happened. The videos from these cameras would serve very useful for criminal proceedings, as they often show the ugly truth of interactions between black people and the police. The outcomes of the cases previously discussed show that videos from bystanders recording from their phones dont result in indictments or convictions because they are considered circumstantial evidence. Body camera footage is much more powerful and indiscriminate when it comes to presenting evidence in court. The footage from the body cameras could also be beneficial to use during training to show examples of how they should and shouldnt conduct themselves. The body cameras should be worn when responding to a 911 call or when they are making a traffic stop, since that is when most of the problems occur. If the cameras only record these particular moments, this will decrease the amount of footage thats being reviewed for a case. It would also bring down the cost of storing these footages. There are currently no federal r ules for when an officer should and should not turn on their cameras, so it would be up to the police department. All departments should make the firm decision of making the police wear cameras during the times they are interacting with people. If the police officer purposely never turns on their cameras, they should be subject to consequences. If a civilian ends up getting hurt in any way during the time their camera is off, the officer should be suspended as opposed to administrative leave. One issue that may arise is who gets access to the cameras. The public does not necessarily need access to the video footage unless they are a part of the victims family or on the team of detectives. Everyone who is in the courtroom, if it makes it to court, should be able to watch the video because it would be considered evidence. If the officer attempts to fabricate the story in any way, the body camera video could easily settle it. Most police departments are funded by the city council. They can receive a grant from the federal government and give details as to what body cameras can do for the country as a whole in order to increase the chance of receiving funding. Some may also argue that making police wear body cameras is an invasion of privacy since all of the police surroundings while arresting someone will be shown. Faces in the surrounding can be easily made anonymous by being blurred out. There is clear tension between police forces and black communities. Violence being i nflicted onto black people by the police is one of the predominant traumatic events that consistently affects the lives of young black youth and our communities. The impact of police brutality is much broader than simply affecting the individuals who have experienced racialized violence, it is a constant reminder of the historic and current devaluing of Black lives (Alang et al. 664). It sends a signal that there is little hope for justice. Police used to be thought of as protecting us, but now they are thought of us the ones who kill us. Since 2005, only 54 officers have been charged in the thousands of fatal shootings, and the vast majority of those officers were exonerated or acquitted (Carasick 4). These targeted victims are often exploited through their criminal records, physical appearances, or misperceived attributes and that has been used to justify their unlawful deaths. Way too often, police officers take away our lives in a flash due to a perceived threat, although the victims that they deemed to be a threat were unarmed, physically subdued, or lying on the ground. The result of this is the tension and lack of trust within the police and black communities throughout America. Police officers have been abusing their powers and our judicial stem has let them get away with it. Holding these officers responsible for their crimes and using body cameras to prove that they are using unnecessary force can turn these statistics around and lower the rates of deaths due to police brutality.